Embracing Discomfort Through Yoga - Interview with Ariel Olivier

Ariel Olivier has found that yoga helps her maintain balance in her life as she embraces the uncomfortable parts of her life. As a new mother, Ariel’s life has been filled with discomfort, so being able to sit with that discomfort long enough to truly be comfortable. Ariel has had some really big initiations in her life, the biggest of which was becoming a Mother. In addition, she is now able to embrace leadership and other aspects that she had previously disassociated from. Using nature as her sanctuary, Ariel is able to remain calm and grounded no matter her circumstances. Ariel dives deep into the turning point of her life that happened when she was 22.

“I had to surrender my attachment to all of my ideals, and I had to embrace the pain and discomfort. I have a very deep reverence for my body now.” ~Ariel Olivier

Connect with Ariel Olivier at www.MatriarchOfMagic.com and check out her virtual women’s circle!

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