The Who & What:  Clarify Target Market & UBS

We will narrow down your target market and look for alignment with aspects of your personal story, wounds and challenges. We will get very specific with WHO you help and WHAT you help them to do, get or achieve.

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STEP 1: Grab a pen and paper or your computer and open a document where you can have this dialogue (having the responses already typed up when you’re done is a big help).

STEP 2: Begin by dialoguing with your PRE-transformation avatar and then move on to dialoguing with your POST-transformation avatar. The PRE-transformation avatar has said YES to working with you but you have not yet begun the process. You are welcome to listen to the meditation and audio version of the questions as well. Pause the recording until you are ready to move on to the next question and feel free to ask your avatar and deepening questions. 

I’ve included a list of suggested possible questions to ask below, but have a real dialogue … ask these questions and any others you want to know! If your avatar tells you something that doesn’t make sense, ask your avatar to explain!

STEP 3: Once you are done with your dialogue, take the information you learned and put it into two buckets: 1 list of all the pre-transformation information, and another list of all the post-transformation information. You want it in a format that you can literally just pull from when speaking or writing to your tribe.

STEP 4: Write a one page summary of your PRE- and POST-transformation avatar. Then rewrite it into a paragraph for each. Then narrow it down to one sentence for each. You may want to do these steps on different days or at different times as you get to know your avatar. When you are done, enter your the results of your summarization below. 


The Who & What Homework

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