Yoga & Life is what connects yoga teachers with success and wealth.

We saw so many yoga teachers running themselves ragged, rushing from studio to studio in a vain attempt to survive. Our hearts went out to these wonderful individuals, all of whom have depths of wisdom to share.

We watched as students competed for the few precious minutes of their teacher's time at the end of class (before she rushed off to teach the next class).We listened as teacher after teacher joked about how broke they were. It is still common to here half-hearted jokes about being a "broke-ass yoga teacher..."

Broke-ass-yoga-teacher mentality has become an epidemic, and it's time to change the paradigm.

That is where Yoga & Life comes in. 

We train yoga teachers, massage therapists, and healers to become life coaches, based on the wisdom passed down in the Yoga Sutras. We have developed a coach training program that is unlike any other, designed specifically for yoga teachers and those in the healing arts. 

When you join Yoga & Life, you join a worldwide network of individuals who care for each other, and you get the skills you need to create sustainable success - without having to hustle 24 / 7.

In addition to your life coach training, you will learn to:

  • Create your signature workshops, so you can promote yourself easily
  • Create online programs that people actually want to buy
  • Attract high-paying clients by simply being yourself
  • Use the Yoga Sutras as not only a code of conduct, but as the basis for a solid business you love
  • Have enrollment conversations to sell your programs and services - AND feel good about it

If you're ready to create some ease and success as you build a business you love, fill out the form below and one of our staff will send you more information about our Yoga & Life Coach Training!

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