Featured Author Templates

We want to make this process as easeful for you as possible as well as have a structure and flow for the book as a whole. Below you will find basic templates, sample submissions and tips to writing a powerful chapter for your readers. We've also included a section to prepare you for your Yoga & Life Radio interviews (one of the may ways that we will promote you, your chapter and your products)!


Personal Story

We want the reader to connect with YOU. They will see a part of themselves in your dream, your challenges and your journey that you experienced along the way. 


content Themes

Now we get to bring your theme to life in a way that can connect to their practice on the mat as well as to the journey they are discovering off the mat as well. 


About the Author

This is an opportunity to let the reader know about your professional background, personal interests and ways that they can connect with you further. 

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Not everyone is familiar with nor comfortable being interviewed, promoted and such. We're here to help and walk you through the process the whole way.