Your Story Template

Start with a free writing session about each of the following questions ignoring the final word count approximations. When you get ready to submit your story, pare each part down to approximately 150 words so that your story ends up being around 600 words total. See my story below as an example of what you could submit.

You'll also want to look for an inspirational quote that you love AND connects to your theme, ideally it mentions the word of your theme in the quote. Be sure to include the author of the quote as well and keep it under 50 words. We don't want a whole paragraph, just the one or two sentence juicy part. 


1) What’s great about life now (related to your theme)? 

2) What challenges have you been through (related to your theme)? 

3) What was the turning point? What helped your through the challenge?

4) Why are you passionate about your theme? 



Embodied Voice

“Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. 
And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”
~ Steve Jobs

I love to travel. I always have, and I knew from early on that I wanted to travel the world and see amazing, exotic places, so I created a life to do just that. I travel around the world teaching at retreats, leading life coach trainings and running my own coaching and healing practice, and I love every second of it. The best part is that I get to travel with my family. My son Lux flew in a plane before he could walk, and he comes along as a major part of all my adventures. My husband Cory also loves to travel, so together we have created the life of our dreams. We live life as if we are constantly on retreat, so we never need to take a vacation. We have truly embodied the laptop lifestyle, and we’ve never looked back. We met, married and started our business within five months and I get to do research into a subject I love as I earn my Ph.D. I get to spend my time researching the relationship between chanting Sanskrit mantras and flow states as well as the effect that has on the psyche. 

Let's backtrack a decade or so... I was living in Colorado, married to my ex-husband who was my best friend in college. We had a house, two cars, two cats, two dogs, and a big backyard. He was a lobbyist for the state, making good money; I was teaching math full time and yoga part time. It was the American Dream, and I was miserable. I battled depression and was consumed with anxiety. I began to experience panic attacks, though at the time I didn't even know that that was what was happening. I just knew I couldn't breathe. I was overwhelmed, stressed out to the point of eating cookie dough in the middle of the night, and I was completely dissociated from my body. My voice was consistently suppressed; I watched life happen around me and felt trapped in the middle of it. I thought I was unable to truly meditate and afraid that the yoga police would catch me, revealing that I was a fraud, teaching yoga while fearing and avoiding meditation. I had so many ideas but no idea how to move forward with any of them. Yoga teacher training and ultimately deeper study of Sanskrit were the beginning of the end for that part of my life. 

I went through an awakening during my teacher training and life began to make sense, though I still didn't have the whole picture. It wasn't until I met my Sanskrit teacher who was also a Life Insight Coach, that everything began to fall into place. Suddenly I went from being unable to meditate to being able to sit for hours while chanting without moving. It was like I was seeing my life clearly for the first time, so much so that I quit my job, got a divorce and moved across the country to pursue my dreams. I finally got to know the real me, something that had been hidden in my blind spot for too long. 

Without meeting my Sanskrit teacher and experiencing the power of chanting I don't know where I would be right now. It has become my passion to share this powerful practice with as many people as I can reach. It's more of a calling than a passion really, as Sanskrit found me, not the other way around. I attribute so much of my transformation to mantra and the impact of working with breath, body and voice. These areas are all too often neglected by our society. By focusing on mantra meditation, your breath, body and voice can transform, allowing you to create the life of your dreams.