Charting a Course for Your Yoga Practice: Kim Hess-Stone

Becky Center & guest cohost, Kim Hess-Stone discuss how to chart your course for your yoga practice. In fully embracing the sailing metaphor in this discussion, the first part of charting your course is to set your intention. It’s been said that “where the eyes go, the body will follow”, and likewise, without your eyes set on a goal or intention in your yoga practice, you will not make progress to achieve your goal. Knowing why you are practicing yoga will help you chart a very intentional course for your practice.

“Having your clear intention prepares you for any obstacles or opportunities that arise..” ~ Kim Hess-Stone

Action Challenge: Take time to visualize your destination with yoga. Are you clear or is there doubt? Then meditate on your intention and what considerations need to be allowed for. Journal your responses.

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