Adjusting Your Sails: Adapting Your Yoga Practice with Kim Hess-Stone

Becky Center & guest cohost, Kim Hess-Stone discuss another layer of customizing your yoga practice. Since we’re using sailing and adventure comparisons in this series, today’s topic centers around adapting your yoga practice to your adventure, in other words, adjusting your sails! At this stage, being committed to your practice and using your creativity, we can really have some fun! Being flexible in your life will help you adapt your practice to any circumstances and make sure you are staying connected to your practice!

“When you are sailing along the course you have charted, just one degree of drift from the course can drastically alter your course and change your destination.” - Kim Hess-Stone

Action Challenge: Spend some time in meditation and then journal about the following questions:

  1. What goals have you let goal because you were stuck in your comfort zone?
  2. What might you achieve if you agree to commit, create and adapt to challenges?

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