Raising the Sails - Right Actions to Achieve Your Goals: Kim Hess-Stone

Becky Center & guest cohost, Kim Hess Stone discuss how you can take focused action to propel you to achieving your dreams. You “raise the anchor” by identifying the things that are holding you back. Fear is a big weight to hold us down, so it must be dealt with. Fear will never just disappear on its own. You have to come together to dispel this fear with intention so that you can move forward. Clear intention + right action = your desired results.

“The winds of grace are always blowing, all you have to do it raise your sails.” - Shri Rama Krishna

Action Challenge: Meditate and journal on what is your anchor that is holding you back. What can you do right now to get you to your goals? Take action on that.

Connect with Kim at www.tropicyoga.com and get a complimentary session to check your plan for raising your sails.


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