Exhale Yoga Retreats: Waiting to Exhale

Becky Center & guest cohost, Rachel Wainwright discuss breath and especially the exhale portion of the breath. So much of life is spend waiting for the exhale and waiting for the next thing to happen, so taking a deeper look at this aspect of breath is helpful. Rachel has such a strong connection to the exhale, that she named her business Exhale Yoga Retreats. So, the exhale has been an empowering part of Rachel’s journey and she’s sharing it all with us today.

“Having your gratitude cycle through your mind first thing in the morn-ing and the last thing in the evening really makes a difference in your psyche and helps anchor you in that gratitude. " ~Rachel Wainwright

Connect with Rachel Wainwright at www.ExhaleYogaRetreats.com and be sure to check out the upcoming Yoga2Life Coaching Training in Bali!

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