Exhale Yoga Retreats: Paradise is a State of Mind

Becky Center & guest cohost, Rachel Wainwright discuss the idea of paradise. Everyone wants to live in paradise and rather than being just a physical location, paradise is more of a state of mind than a destination. We can create a life enhancing experience that lives in your mind and isn’t an experience or a destination that you can goto and then leave togo home. We want paradise to be all the things that fill your soul! This is the way to have your life be a sustainable paradise.

“You can repattern your mind by implementing change in your life. A yoga retreat is the perfect way to get a new pattern established to create a soul schedule.” ~Rachel Wainwright

Action Challenge: Journal about the things that really make you happy. Discover what makes you happy and figure out a time commitment everyday where you can devote time to doing what makes you happy. Then make a schedule that incorporates all that makes you happy and hold yourself accountable to keep those commitments.

Connect with Rachel Wainwright at www.ExhaleYogaRetreats.com and join Becky & Rachel in Bali for the first onsite Yoga2Life Coach Training Program in Sept 2017!

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