Exhale Yoga Retreats: Having a Like-Hearted Community

Becky Center & guest cohost, Rachel Wainwright discuss the difference that a like-hearted community can impact your life. Rachel experiences this amazing feeling of community and like-heartedness when she is at one of her yoga retreats. The supportive roles that the yoga community plays in the lives of each other is able to be received infinitely better because it is like-hearted, soul felt, and almost a feeling of tribe. As our lives increasingly happen in the online world, the real relationships and community that we have become even more important.

“If you are with someone and you ask how they are, you can pick upon all of the verbal and non-verbal queues to really assess how they are and what support they may need in that moment, and that is something that just can’t happen in online relationships.” ~Rachel Wainwright

Action challenge: Identify people in your circle who you consider your like-hearted community.

Connect with Rachel Wainwright at www.ExhaleYogaRetreats.com!


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