Exhale Yoga Retreats: The Courage to be Authentic

Becky Center & guest cohost, Rachel Wainwright discuss authenticity. Being authentic is being courageous. Being courageous is dancing naked with complete vulnerability. Growing up in a tough environment with very masculine energy didn’t suit her sensitive side, and the message imprinted on her psyche was to mask her feelings. Accessing vulnerability and authenticity came into Rachel’s life through yoga. Now, her purpose in life is to bring this authenticity and vulnerability to others, through yoga retreats.

“I wanted to learn effective ways to help others help themselves dive deeper. That’s what I see in my students on and off the mat - the de-sire to dive deeper.” ~ Rachel Wainwright

Action Challenge: Take a look at the pages of your journal that we wrote last week about your “awesome” or fabulous life. find the part that feels the best to you and be brave enough togo out and share it with one other person.

Connect with Rachel Wainwright at www.ExhaleYogaRetreats.com and be sure to check out the upcoming Yoga2Life Coaching Training in Bali!

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