Fearless Pursuit Living: Diving Into Fear

Becky Center & guest cohost, Jen Zorn-Ford discuss how you can relinquish your fear and live your best healthy and fulfilled life by tuning into how you want to feel in life and aligning your actions to bring you close to that feeling. Fearless pursuit living really means living your life on purpose. It’s not about the weight on the scale or what size your clothes are, but more about the way you want to feel as you make your way through life. It's simply focusing on internal attunement rather than external achievement.

“For me, I struggled with silence because that's where my fear lived - in the silence." ~ Jen Zorn-Ford

Action Challenge: Begin journaling about the story from your past that contains a limiting belief that is keeping you stuck in fear. Then think about what action steps you can take to let go of those stories.

Connect with Jen at www.HealthierYou-FearlessPursuitCoaching.com!

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