Fearless Pursuit Living: Declaring Your Intentions

Becky Center & guest cohost, Jen Zorn-Ford discuss how transformational it is to declare your intentions to make any sort of change in your life. Everyone has to deal with their own insecurities and limiting beliefs when attempting to make changes in our lives. Those tiny voices can easily overtake your good intentions. That’s why sharing your intentions with others is so powerful in holding you accountable to keep your intentions and make positive changes in your life. Making change is scary, and putting it out to the world is scary. So why not use your fear to your advantage and cement your level of commitment to change? 

“Once I began to make belief statements a part of my daily practice, I really began to believe them and it caused me to act differently.” ~ Jen Zorn-Ford

Action Challenge: Declare your intention to make a change in your life to a group or family, and also create 5 of your own daily declaration statements that you can declare daily to YOURSELF. These statements should include visualizations about why you are worth it and how your life will be when you achieve your goal.

Connect with Jen at www.HealthierYou-FearlessPursuitCoaching.com!

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