24/7 LOVE: Intuition

Becky Center & guest cohost, Kristin Fritz discuss the active aspect of love and the role that intuition plays in that. Whether you want to get unstuck somewhere in your life or are just looking for 'out of the box' information, intuition can help to guide you on your path. It does take a bit of practice, but it does not need to be hard. Deep down you may know how powerful your intuition is and perhaps it's time to harness it!     

"Tune in to the heart and plant questions." ~Kristin Fritz

Action Challenge: Notice your language and if you are downplaying your intuition, reframe or restate it so that you own the insight.   

Connect with Kristin Fritz at www.KristinFritz.com and be sure to check out the 24/7 LOVE conference in Portland, Oregon later this month!

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