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Not everyone is familiar with nor comfortable being interviewed, promoted and such. We're here to help and walk you through the process the whole way. We've been on both sides of the mic for years and know how to make you sound good and create and easeful and enjoyable experience. After hosting Yoga2Life Radio for nearly two years and then going on to launch Yoga & Life Radio, Becky will guide you through each step along the way. 

Here are a few Interview Prep questions to help her draw out an amazing story to share with the listeners from all over the world. 

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Once your prep questions are submitted and your interview dates are scheduled (one group and one solo), we will go over how to get the best sound quality. In general you will want to block off about 30 minutes (though the actual recording time will only be 20 minutes long).

You will want to be in a quiet place with great signal (wifi or cell). Using a mic is helpful but doesn't have to be expensive. Many people use the headset mic that they already have for their phones (just make sure that it isn't rubbing on anything and that it's easy to hear you on). 

We will record via Zoom (unless otherwise noted). Shows will be lightly edited, but in general we keep the realness of the interview by not overproducing it.