Who Is Cory Center?

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.- William Shakespeare

Cory Center is a deeply committed spiritual guide for women to discover peace in their lives, to feel understood for who they are and feel deeply cared for in the process. His passion is in assisting with the release of anger, sadness and the hurt that leaves you feeling all alone. 

Cory will help you resolve your confusion, heal the feelings of betrayal and connect to the deepest parts of who you are so you can experience the freedom of living as the person you truly are. Among his gifts are the ability to see through the masks people wear to hide the pain of interacting in an uncaring world. He truly sees you, and will hold you in the highest regard.

In his own words, this is what Cory has to say about his work:

“My mission is to inspire you to embrace who you are, to confidently express every part of who you are without hiding. I am committed to helping you expand your conscious mind and connect to your intuition in a new, powerful way. My passion lies in guiding you to find the teacher within so you can experience true freedom. I found freedom when I took the inward journey to let go of the pain and suffering that had become my prison. I have been able to create a life I never thought possible - and I want to help you create the life of your dreams as well.”

Cory has been studying with John Barnes since 2014, learning myofascial release (MFR) - a physical therapy working with the fascial tissue. By releasing the trauma stored in this tissue, you will experience freedom from pain, enhanced mobility, and a release of the emotional trauma that lies dormant in the body effect your every interaction. This is where the physical manifestations of your patterns, habits and beliefs are stored.

When he was 8 years old Cory realized that he had gifts to offer the world that set him apart. At this tender age, Cory had a connection to the unseen world that was un-mistakable; he would receive messages for the people in his community and deliver them with confidence. During this time he also discovered a unique ability to heal the body through touch. Thankfully, his community embraced and encouraged the development of these gifts throughout Cory’s childhood, allowing him the opportunity to explore the depth of his abilities. Over the years Cory has honed these natural gifts, which he uses in tandem with MFR to provide a transformational service for his clients that is out of this world.

“I am here to alleviate suffering in this world. I have devoted my life to discover true freedom; and I have learned many tools along the way. I love teaching and sharing these tools - every time I do, I deepen my own understanding. I love taking on apprentices and students, I learn just as much from them as they do from me. Everyone is a teacher, you just have to ask the right questions. It is through these questions that we better understand ourselves, and that is what leads to true freedom, joy, and the end of suffering. Remember, pain is only a symptom of something deeper." - Cory Center


Cory’s expertise has been built over years of study and devotion. He is a registered yoga teacher and a certified yoga nidra practitioner. he is a published poet and author, and an accomplished musician. Cory is an advanced myofacial release practitioner and has received training in several types of massage - though he is not a licensed massage therapist. His true passion lies in the study of the alchemical and mystical arts, as well as the occult. It is through the study of ancient cultures and systems that has led him to reconcile his own inner turmoil and become the loving husband, father and teacher he is today.

A few things about Cory that may surprise and inspire you:

  • Cory graduated in the top 2% of the State of Nevada, receiving numerous scholarships and grants, including: 3 separate governor’s grants, a physics scholarship and a music scholarship.
  • While Cory’s gifts were supported while he was a child, they were rejected as he got older. This created a hole in his life that he was unable to fill, so he turned first to drugs, then to thievery. Though he never harmed anyone, Cory found himself in prison for a bank robbery - and it was in that moment that his life changed forever. For the next few years, prison became his monastery; he studied many of the world’s religions, re-established his connection to the unseen and worked through his own subconscious blocks. The clarity he found through these experiences fuels his passion for the work he does today. 
  • Upon his release from custody, Cory met his wife Becky one week later at the Landmark Forum in San Francisco. The two hit it off, married and started a company together after only five months. They now have an amazing son together and have created a magical life full of adventure, excitement and love. They travel all over the world, leading retreats and teaching. They have created a retreat lifestyle so they never need to take a vacation.


If you are ready to connect to yourself in a whole new way and live a life of freedom, schedule a consultation with Cory today!

"Don't tell me it can't be done, whatever it is, I know it can. It is a simple matter of choice and commitment." - Cory Center