Yoga & Life Business Development

Welcome to the Yoga & Life Business Development Program. We are excited to be on this journey with you as you build the foundation for a profitable business that allows for a combination of financial freedom AND time freedom! We are current rebuilding this site to make it even more user friendly so bear with us as we revamp. 

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Your Dream: The Success Map

We will go over what success means to you and identify your personal path to grow your business. Your financial targets as well as lifestyle goals will be addressed. 


Your Superpowers: Talents, Skills & Credentials

We will begin to identity the various skills, talents, trainings and certifications that are relevant to your current business and how to leverage them. 


Your Story: Wounds & Skills Analysis

We will look at your story, what challenges you’ve overcome and wounds you have healed in order to identify your special skill set that sets you a part from everyone else that does what you do.


Your Mission: Connect to Your WHY

We will combine Your Dream, Your Superpowers AND Your Story to discover your mission - the reason you do what you do. We will craft a mission statement that resonates with you so you can always connect to your big why.


The Who & What:  Clarify Target Market & UBS

We will narrow down your target market and look for alignment with aspects of your personal story, wounds and challenges. We will get very specific with WHO you help and WHAT you help them to do, get or achieve.


Their Story: Market Research

You will conduct at least 10 market research interviews with guidance from Becky about how to do so as well as how to prepare, how to find people to interview and what to do with the information afterwards.


The Offer: Packages & Pricing

We will put together you packages and pricing based on your financial targets. Your personal money money story and initial money ceiling. We will look for ways to leverage your time so that you can earn more with greater ease.


The Sale: Enrollment Conversations

We will go over how turn a lead into a client as well as how you can be of great service whether they choose to work with you or not. We will begin to identify your conversion rate so that you can have a predictable system for earning money and meeting your earning goals.

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The Strategy: Personalized Marketing Plan

We will create your personalized marketing plan and target speaking/workshop opportunities, social media strategy, podcasts, ebooks, online courses and more.