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There is something amazing about watching leaders emerge from within their communities. In this book, Becky Center and 10 emerging women leaders share how they have overcome their challenges, making the powerful choice to pursue their passions. Each woman’s journey is an intimate tale, filled with triumph, heartache and the secrets they learned along the way. Join the conversation, engage with the journal questions, and see where you recognize yourself in their stories.

Consider this your behind-the-scenes look into the lives of your local yoga teachers, coaches, healers, and mentors. The authors are powerful women from all over the world, each sharing their unique experience and offering a glimpse into the work that they do with their clients. Each of their presence adds a richness, depth, and wisdom to be gleaned. If one conversation can transform your life, imagine what you could do with eleven!


About the Authors

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Follow Your Heart's Compass

by Rachel Wainwright

Rachel Wainwright

Rachel Wainwright is the founder of Exhale Yoga Retreats. She is a courageous leader with a huge heart. Her depth of care shines through as she leads her students through every aspect of their training. Rachel is yoga instructor, Pilates Method Teacher, and a certified life coach, holding degrees in both business and marketing. 

Rachel thrives on adventure, traveling to the far reaches of this world as she deeply connects with kindred spirits across the globe. She has found a way to bring all the parts of herself together as she facilitates the transformation of her students. In addition to yoga, Rachel loves poetry, swimming, dancing and basking in the warm glow of the Sun. 

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Balanced Being

by Brady Crews

Brady Crews

Brady Crews is a traveling yogi, teaching and learning yoga all around the world. She is a certified life coach, focusing on the health and wellness of the body, mind and soul. Through her work as a yoga instructor and coach, Brady will help you to move through your struggles as you learn the lessons you need to grow and thrive.

Brady will teach you to fall in love with taking care of yourself. She is your go-to girl to discover your true essence. Living most of her life disconnected from who she truly is, Brady discovered yoga and it became her path to reconnect with her truest self. She is passionate to help you do the same. 

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Embody Your Essence

by Candce Smith

Candace Smith

Candace Smith is a brand storyteller and essence photographer. She is creator of The Essence Project: a photographic exploration of self. Her work helps women fully connect to their raw beauty and power. 

Candace is a former model, learning the art of photography by expressing herself for photographers around the globe. With over ten years modeling, she received her photography education through experience. 

She has found her essence, connected to her gift of storytelling and is on a mission to show women how valuable and loved they are; to teach the importance of being your most authentic – in all your imperfection. 

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Life Unlived

by Neill Williams

Neill Williams

Neill Williams is dedicated to life coaching, with life coaching certifications from Human Capital Coaching, Yoga2Life Coaching, and The Life Coach School. She is passionate about helping other women create the lives of their dreams. Her work is focused on helping them shift from feeling at the effect of life’s circumstances to empowered decision-makers who create on purpose.

Neill is an advocate of thought-work; using the power of your mind to process through and create your reality. This technique is quite effective for identifying, analyzing and transforming default thought patterns. She is also parenting with intention, responding to her son and surrounding him with love and gratitude.

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Cruising Through Life

by Kim Hess

Kim Hess

Kim Hess is a yoga instructor, author, boat captain and a certified life coach. Her passions for sailing and yoga led her to create Yoga Onboard; a program designed to make yoga available for those who live aboard. She has created a global community, dropping in to teach yoga wherever she lands.

Kim has a love for people and connection, which drove her to pursue a double BA in sociology and history. Her lust for learning and connection only grew when she discovered yoga, where she went on to get her certification in Thai Yoga Therapy. 

With her two children grown, Kim is now mom to three birds – two McCaws and a Cockatoo. The four of them travel the world with her musician husband, living in their 40’ coach together. She is passionate to bringing the flexibility she so highly values (physical, mental and spiritual) to others along her travels.

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by Ariel Ollivier

Ariel Ollivier

Ariel Ollivier is a shamanic mentor, a certified life coach and a certified ceremonial & ritual leader. She is dedicated to heling women connect deeply with themselves, each other, and Aina (Mother Earth). She is passionate about living in harmony with the land, promoting health and well-being for all creatures. 

Her intuition led her on a journey to Maui, where she currently resides with her son in a community focused on health and well-being. Ariel has a passion for learning and deepening her connection with herself, her sisters, and nature. 

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Live Like a Lotus

by Felicia Jordan

Felicia Jordan

Felicia Jordan is a Children’s Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, a private yoga instructor, and a certified life coach. She is a dedicated wife and mother, bringing the gift of yoga to children and inspiring positivity to all those she comes into contact with. Felicia is passionate about helping children build a positive foundation they can continue for the rest of their lives.

She credits yoga practice as her ability to remain grounded. This grounded presence allows her to explore deep, spiritual connect with others; something she is passionate about sharing with her loved ones. Felicia uses the power of intention to shape her life, a skill she teaches her clients so they can go on to build the lives of their dreams.

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Sacred Symmetry

by Elysia Vetter

elysia Vetter

Elysia Vetter is a cosmetologist with a passion for yoga. Traditional yoga wasn’t enough of a challenge for Elysia, who has always been athletic; she was not satisfied until she discovered SUP yoga – yoga on a paddleboard. When she isn’t practicing yoga, Elysia spends her time with friends and family, or outside swimming, hiking, and biking. 

Elysia is passionate about connection. Whether she is styling hair, assisting her students with yoga poses or coaching her clients in her work as a life coach; Elysia is eager to listen, helping others achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the guidance of Ayurveda (the yogic healing science), Elysia is focused on bringing health and well-being into the world – one connection at a time.

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A Tidy Life

by Beta Shad

Beta Shad

Beta Shad is a wellness advocate, with a degree in business, a massage therapy license, and certifications for life coaching, Feng Shui consulting, and core coaching. She is passionate about educating people on how to keep their lives in order and enjoy a lifestyle of well-being.

Beta has created a simple life that she loves. Full of family and faith, her experience has made her quite humble, grateful and courageous. She has trusted in God as she pursued her dreams, and she has not been disappointed. 

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Life by Design

by Lynnie Long

Lynnie Long

Lynnie Long is a life coach, a yoga teacher with a love of the outdoors. She loves to travel, finding transformation wherever the road takes her. She is passionate about mindfulness, teaching others techniques to build their awareness that she uses herself. 

Lynnie’s creation, Life By Design is all about bringing your mind and body together so you can achieve your goals. She has discovered the perfect blend of yoga and coaching, opening up the body as you expand your mind. 

She is not afraid to rise to a challenge. If you push yourself to achieve your goals, Lynnie is the right guide to have on your path. Her resilience, ability to adapt and flexibility (on and off the mat) are skills she transmits to her students.

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Embodied Voice

by Becky Center

Becky Center

Becky Center is The Mantra Mama. With a Master’s Degree in Vedic Science; she is pursuing her Ph.D. in religion and philosophy; focusing her studies on the relationship between chanting Sanskrit mantras and flow states. Becky flew back and forth to England for two years studying to become a Vedic Chanting Instructor. 

Becky taught yoga in a studio for over ten years, leading trainings all over the untied states. As a life coach, she now travels the world lecturing at yoga teacher trainings, hosting retreats with her husband / business partner, and working with students from all over the world.

Becky has developed a system to do less and create more with The Moonrise Project. She has created the life of her dreams, living in Costa Rica with her husband and son. She is passionate about redefining success, living a high quality life and living at ease. 

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