About the Author Template

Start with a free writing session about each of the following questions ignoring the final word count approximations. When you get ready to submit your story, pare each part down to approximately 50 words so that your story ends up being around 150 words total. See the section below for examples of what you could submit.

This is an opportunity to highlight your many talents, trainings, skills and services. We will also utilize this section to help build your following, help sell your digital downloads, and share a bit more about you that may not have a place in the personal story section. We will build upon both your story AND bio as we gear up for your interview so that are seen as more than just the sweaty teacher in yoga pants, but a dynamic human being that has so much to offer. 


Paragraph 1 (50 Words)

What is your professional title or the way you identify yourself? 
What education, schooling, and training have your received related to your work? 
What is your big why behind the work you do? 

Paragraph 2 (50 Words)

What awards, honors, and achievements have you earned in relation to your work? 
What have you created in relation to your work and how does it help others? 
Why are you passionate about helping your people? 

Paragraph 3 (50 Words)

What are three practical elements of your work? 
How has your work made your life extraordinary? 
How can people connect with you? 


SAMPLE #1 - Becky Center

About the Author 

Becky Center is known as The Mantra Mama. With a Master’s Degree in Vedic Science; she is now pursuing her Ph.D. in Philosophy and Religion, focusing her studies on the relationship between chanting Sanskrit mantras and flow states of consciousness. 

Becky has taught yoga for nearly twenty years and has lead yoga teacher trainings and life coach certifications all over the world. She has developed a coach training program for yoga teachers to support their students off the mat while earning a truly livable wage for themselves. Becky is passionate about redefining success, living a high-quality life and cultivating ease. 

As a life and business coach, she lectures at teacher trainings, leads online courses, works privately with students, and hosts retreats with her husband. Together they have created the life of their dreams, living in Costa Rica with their son.

Connect with Becky online at www.yogaandlife.org!

SAMPLE #2 - Cory Center

About the Author 

Cory Center is a modern Renaissance man; he a published poet and author, as well as an accomplished musician. Through his studies in yoga, alchemy, and astrology Cory has found his belief system and he guides others to find theirs.

Cory developed Personal Mythology, a course designed to face your demons, rediscover yourself, and take command of your life. Each year he leads a 10-day intensive in an exotic location for his apprentices. Cory is passionate about helping others discover their genius so they can share their brilliance with the world. 

By combining online courses, incorporating ritual, experimentation, and self-study, Cory guides his apprentices on a journey of self-discovery; the more you know yourself, the more powerful you are. He lives by example, traveling the world with his wife and son as they teach, learn, and share adventures. 

Connect with Cory at www.schoolofmysticarts.com!