Your Content Template

Start with a free writing session for each of the following sections ignoring the final word count approximations. When you get ready to submit your story, pare each part down to the approximated word count so that your content ends up being around 1000 words total. See my content below as an example of what you could submit.


Transition from Personal Story (approx 100 words)
This is the shift from talking about you to teaching and inspiring them. It is likely very related to your "and that's why I'm so passionate about xyx" from the last portion or Your Story. You may end up using this word allotment for your story if that helps the transition. You are setting up your teaching points for the next section. 

Main Point #1 (approx 250 words)

What does your theme mean to you? Why is it important for them to consider?
This might include the definition of the word and how it relates to the particular limb of yoga that you are writing for. We also encourage you share how you (or your lineage) defines this word and why. Make your case for why this is an important topic (both on and off the mat). 

Main Point #2 (approx 250 words)

How does it apply ON the mat (or cushion)? 
Many of our readers are accessing the physical side of yoga first and that may be their only connection, especially with the rise of workout based asana classes that are intentionally stripped of philosophy. It's a start for many and we can be grateful for that. This is an opportunity to meet them where they are and tie your teaching points to what they know. Give them something to consider that may deepen their experience ON the mat. 

Main Point #3 (approx 250 words)

How does it apply OFF the mat (or cushion)? 
Ok, this is what we're most excited about sharing as much of our goal is to bring the philosophy to life and help make the transition from the mat to the material world. We're building up to the conclusion and the journal question so that the reader can really interact with your content (and ideally your digital product as well)! 

Conclusion (approx 150 words)

Wrap it up. Give them something to ponder. Encourage them. Tie back into your opening quote perhaps. Set them up to really engage with your journal question and allow this to be like a dialogue with the reader. Allow for intimacy. Perhaps return to an aspect of your own story or journey. Ultimately, reconnect with them on a human level (not just their teacher). 

Journal Question (approx 25 words)
Ask one clear, direct, powerful question that relates to your content (and ideally contains your theme word in it). Imagine them interacting with your question and going deep!




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