Yoga & Life - Chapter Author Invitaiton 


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You are invited to be a contributing author for the NEXT bestselling Yoga & Life book (to be released December 2018). Our first book (released in January 2018) was a huge success and hit #1 bestseller on Amazon in ALL THREE of its categories within the first day!

The new anthology provides insight and inspiration to students and clients around the world. The weekly themes are drawn from Patanjali’s eight limb’s of yoga and yet are designed to be approachable for even the newest student of yoga. 

The overall concept of this inspirational anthology is to offer chapters that focus on empowering yoga practitioners to take their practice off the mat and discover ways to connect to the philosophy behind the physical practice as a way to enrich their lives.

So many of our students and clients are struggling with anxiety, exhaustion, overwhelm, confusion, depression and so much more. Our journey through these challenges (and more) as well as our own connection to the practice and lifestyle that yoga has inspired within us is what so many of our students are hungry to understand and embody. 

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We have met so many incredible yoga teachers in the last 20 years and we are on a mission to tell the world about how amazing you are and bring your message beyond the mat and out into the world. 



We're no longer want to do it all on our own (and we don't think you should either). We want to truly partner with our team of authors to bring your messages to the masses. 


Profit Sharing

Visibility is great, but can you 'show me the money?' Yes! We want to build a team that creates wealth together and breaks the mold of the 'truly talented but totally broke' yoga teacher. 

How It Works

You will have the opportunity to select a theme that deeply resonates with you and tell a part of your own story related to said theme, as well as to guide the reader to connect to their power and opportunities to bring more ease into their lives. You will also craft powerful journal questions and digital downloads to help them with their weekly inquiry (and to generate some passive income for yourself)! 

You will have support throughout the process, of course. This is not about having to do it all yourself. 

If you are interested in participating in this anthology, please complete the application and we will be in touch regarding next steps.

From blank page to bestseller, we are with you!
— Becky & Cory Center

Your participation in this anthology includes the following:

  1. Anthology Management - support from Becky & Cory Center as well as their team. This involves the creation, editing, publication and management process of publishing and marketing of a bestselling anthology
  2. Visuals – Each author will receive Facebook banners, promo materials, Yoga & Life Anthology page inclusion, Amazon author central page, and the publication promoted on all of Becky & Cory Center’s yoga related social media platforms and websites
  3. Editing – all chapters will be reviewed and edited for correct syntax, punctuation and spelling by Yoga & Life’s editing team as well as through the final editing services at  with our publisher
  4. Submission to Print – ISBN number
  5. Fulfillment Service – a service of order, drop, and ship. This allows co-authors to order and ship books at publisher’s wholesale cost. Each author will be given a one year contract and can cancel at any time 
  6. Leverage a Larger Audience for Greater Visibility – 52 authors included in the book from around the world
  7. Instant Creditability and Prestige - become a co-author in a #1 international best-selling book
  8. Reduced Publishing Cost (compared to traditional publishing cost) - chapter inclusion instead of entire book


Pros and Cons to Co-Authorship


  • Published under another person’s brand
  • You have one chapter in the book vs. an entire book


  • Pay substantially less to co-publish than with traditional or self-publishing
  • Have an experienced team handling all the production, editing and design elements
  • Co-promote/network with many other successful yoga teachers, coaches and healers from across all over the world for years to come
  • Have an experienced marketing ream to make the book successful for you
  • Leverage another’s brand and years of success
  • You can purchase books at cost and resell for profit
  • And you have the potential to become a co-author in a #1 Amazon International Bestseller


Anthology & Marketing Investment
$397 (pay in full or 6 monthly payments of $75 each) 

(Includes 10 copies of book, E-book, several promotional marketing items including ways to earn back your investment through digital product downloads and additional promotion, radio interview, and more!)


Anthology Projected Publication Date 
December 12, 2018 (date to be confirmed with publisher soon!)

Anthology Projected Book Price (paperback)

Return on Investment (ROI)

There are many ways to get a big return on your investment (besides the exposure to so many other communities and markets!) It’s important to me to create partnerships that serve both our students/clients and each other. 

You’ll receive 10 print versions of the book as a part of your package and can sell them for any amount you wish (we recommend $20). You will be able to purchase additional copies of the book at wholesale prices (usually under $5 each). Estimates in the table below are based on your 10 free copies and additional copies purchased at wholesale price of $5 (which will likely be much lower).

Setting up and managing an online store, subscription service, membership site as well as creating courses and content can be not only time consuming, but quite expensive. We've got you covered and will handle all of the back end and technical side of things. We want you to focus on what YOU do best!

You will also earn commission off of your digital downloads sales as well as on year long subscriptions. You’ll earn 50% commission ($5) for every digital download sold and 10% ($10.80) on any subscriptions sold through your unique link. 

We will be promoting your chapter, interview and digital download throughout the year.

With so many ways to profitable and support all throughout the process, we would love to see you double or triple your investment with ease.

Apply to join the 2018/2019 Yoga & Life Book team!